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Analysis and process improvement
Question: the current organization of your company is it the result of reflection from the management team actually in place?
Very often this is not the case.
Yet it is essential to know the ins and outs of one's own organization. Is it still relevant? The tasks are they done by the right people? In the right service? Are they properly distributed? The evolution of certain business activities may lead some employees to be overwhelmed, and others to do nothing. And it is always the best employees who tire the fastest and unfortunately leave the company.
And as the entity grows, this situation can be observed in the field. Immersed in their business, leaders do not pay attention.
It is often good for a leader to know what his own teams do, if only to better understand the usefulness of a particular task and the time it requires.

A leader is required to focus primarily on future prospects and evolution. He has no time to lose with what may be considered as details. But all these details are the foundation of the organization's business.

And it is in this perspective that DAFEO can intervene, and at two levels:
CFO timeshare - specific missions
Réception Dafeo - Analyse und Prozessverbesserung Analyse et amélioration des procédures