Dafeo - Conseil du dirigeant Dafeo - Conseil du dirigeant Dafeo - Conseil du dirigeant
Dafeo - Conseil du dirigeant
DAFEO S.A.S. -  55 avenue Marceau 75116 Paris
Phone :  00.33.(0)                            conseil @dafeo.fr
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The strength of DAFEO
Philippe Wilst created DAFEO when he realized the difficulties encountered by the managers he has worked with.
He realized that there was a missing link in the current organization of business and, a fortiori, in SMEs : that is to say an objective advisor.

Philippe Wilst has two major advantages to succeed in this mission: his experience and more especially his intuition.
His experience is not only limited to consulting, which is too often the case with these young graduates just out of school who are usually sent to the field for businesses. His past twenty years as a manager in various small and large international groups have allowed him to understand the workings of an organization and the importance of each of his players.
This allows him to assimilate, as quickly as possible in the context of the leader's organization is not only in his mind, which will help him to gauge the positive and negative aspects of a decision. It is mostly his intuition which helps him ask the right questions, to decide quickly and therefore advise managers he meets.

Consultant for decision makers
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